Terms of Use

These Terms & Conditions (herein referred to as "Terms") apply to the use of the website www.ireviewsgh.com (Our Website). Visitors (unregistered users of Our Website) and Users (registered users of Our Website) are referred throughout the Terms as "you" or "your".  The Terms include operating rules, guidelines and policies regarding the use of Our Website.


By using Our Website, you agree to comply with the Terms. You also confirm your acceptance of the Terms and any future changes that may be made to the Terms. Please read the Terms carefully before using Our Website.


Who Can Write a Review

You can write a review on Our Website if you

  1. Are a registered user of Our Website
  2. You have performed a business transaction, attempted to do so, or have a service, usage or buying experience with the business or product you want to review.


Who Cannot Write a Review

You cannot write a review on Our Website if you

  1. Are not a registered user on Our Website
  2. Currently own, previously owned, a family member owns the business you want to review. Or you are an employee, an executive or works for the business in any capacity. Or you have been contracted by the business in any way to write the review.
  3. Have not performed a business transaction, attempted to do so, or do not have a service, usage or buying experience with the business or product you want to review.


When Can You Write a Review

You can write a review about a product or a business (company) anytime AFTER you are qualified to write a review. (Please refer to who can write a review above)


What Can You Write About

You can write about your own personal experience. You cannot write about someone else's experience.


How Many Products/ Companies Can I Review?

You can review as many products or companies as far as you qualify to review the products/ company as detailed in "Who Can Write a Review" above.



How Many Times Can I Review a Product or Company?

You can only review a business or product once. You can however edit your review if you have a new experience with the business or product.


Unaccepted Reviews

You are expected to write your reviews in a respectable manner and your reviews should not contain;

  1. External links
  2. Coarse or Violent Languages
  3. Defamatory, racial or sexist statements
  4. Political, Unethical opinion instead of a service experience
  5. Personal information about individuals including phone number, financial information, email address or any other information that could be used to impersonate someone.
  6. Marketing information as opposed to actual service experience
  7. Information about another product or company.
  8. Any other Information that is not about your service experience


We do not Moderate reviews on Our Website either before or after a review is published. However, there are some few things in place to ensure reviews are standardized.

  1. There are automatic checks that are run on reviews to determine certain coarse languages that are not permitted. We however do not guarantee the success of these checks every time.
  2. A user, a company or product manager notifies us of a review that do not meet the Terms.


When your review does not meet our Terms, we would either;

  1. Ask you to change your review
  2. Delete your review

 Should you repeatedly post unaccepted reviews, you would be notified and reminded of the Terms and Conditions governing the usage of Our Website. We reserve the right to block, suspend or delete your account when you on frequent occasions violate the Terms and Conditions of Our Website.


False Reviews

 Reviews we may deem as false or engineered would be removed from Our Website and may lead to blocking or deleting the account of the user who wrote the review. Our Website is dedicated to providing a platform where genuine service experiences can be shared to improve overall customer service in the country. We consider any false reviews as a violation to our Terms and Conditions. We also reserve the right to let our users and visitors know of any product or service provider with numerous false reviews.


Need More Information

 Should you require any further information about our Terms and Conditions, please do not hesitate to email us review@ireviewsgh.com.