How to improve customer satisfaction with customer feedback

Many businesses set up with the primary focus of serving and satisfying customers. They undertake projects such as opening new branches in a bid to get closer to their customers. Decision makers within businesses offer loyalty discounts to customers who patronize the business while other business owners engage in occasional sales to give customers the opportunity to make purchases at a much lower price thus saving some money.

All such efforts are great but are they what the customer really needs? Are these activities a distraction for the company which makes them lose focus on the most important job of the business? - satisfying the customer! How then can a business best satisfy its customers?

Maya Angelou is quoted as having said “People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel” If this indeed is true then making an impression that makes the customer experience a deep feeling of satisfaction is paramount.

Taking time to actually find out from the customer what the business is doing or not doing right is the best approach to satisfying the customer. This is what we call customer feedback. The backbone of customer service rests on feedback obtained directly from the customer. Feedback from customers actually places on a silver platter, the mind of the customer to decision makers first hand.

People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou

As simple as this may sound, there should be some tact to collecting and using customer feedback to arrive at properly positioning a business to meet the needs of the customers. These 5 tips will help business owners on how to collect feedback from customers and use them effectively.

Use simple means to gather information

Most customers do not have the luxury of time to fill in long surveys. They want a very simple medium through which they can communicate their needs. It is in the best interest of decision makers of businesses to find the best tool to collect customer feedback.

Use a trusted medium for feedback collection

Customers as well as decision makers alike have lost confidence in the traditional mode of collecting feedback. Suggestion boxes and paper surveys have not served the purpose effectively as there are human barriers to such useful information. Employees and supervisors who are not happy with information collected from paper surveys and suggestion boxes ensure that the cry of customers never reach decision makers of businesses. When all seems well, decision makers cannot react. A collection tool that gets customer feedback directly to decision makers within a business and in a timely fashion would be the most recommended avenue to aid customer satisfaction.

Feedback should be translated into actionable points

Feedback collected from customers would be entirely useless if they are not translated into actionable points. Feedback tools that collate feedback from customers and categorize them, giving decision makers insight into customer needs is to be patronized. Such feedback tools make it very easy for decision makers to make informed decisions based on all the feedback directly received from customers and in a timely manner too.

Respond to customers feedback

Nothing warms the heart of a customer more than when he/she realizes that his feedback has been acknowledged. Decision makers within a business should use feedback tools that allow direct correspondence with customers if they wish to be contacted. When customers leave feedback and the decision makers reach out to the customers assuring them that their feedback is valuable and being worked on, it increases customer confidence.

Customer feedback should be acted upon

Ultimately, if decision makers go through all these efforts to collect customer feedback and interpret it, then they need to act upon the insights received so customers are met at the point of their needs. If the actionable points are not utilized then there is no point in going through all the processes above.

If decision makers are indeed passionate about improving customer satisfaction and meeting customers at the point of their needs, then customer feedback should be at the heart of business operations.

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