How to improve customer retention in Ghana

Businesses are set up to meet customer’s needs and to ensure that customers are satisfied always. More importantly however, is to ensure that customers keep coming back for the services rendered them. Of what benefit will it be to businesses if after one visit, customers never return? What then will that business say constitutes its customer base? It is therefore paramount for all businesses to be able to retain their customers in addition to satisfying them.

For customers to be retained, businesses need to provide something unique that sets them apart from what the market offers. Here are 4 main distinctive features that businesses must adopt to enable improve their customer retention abilities;

Focus on existing customers

It may not seem particularly smart to focus on existing customers instead of putting in efforts to acquire new ones. A larger customer base is more likely to lead to increased profits is usually the thought. However, the saying a bird in hand is worth two in the bush should be a good guide for businesses to leverage on.

When existing customers are well attended to and kept satisfied retention is secured. When the customers become full time members of the family (business), the customers will begin to bring on board new additions to the business that they now considers family.

What this does for the business is that instead of spending a lot more resources on chasing new customers, efforts directed at existing ones produces a lot more new customers who are more likely to stay due to the personal testament of existing customers on their journey with the business thus far.

Superior Customer service

Over the past few years, customer service has been discussed along many dimensions with emphasis laid on the need for every organization to practice it. The truth however is that a greater part of most businesses is made up of the human component. These people being emotional beings by nature react to circumstances within their environment. This means that human interaction at some point would go sour and customers are likely to be at the receiving end.

For businesses to be able to give superior customer services, its human resource should be high on emotional intelligence. What’s great is that this important skill that is pivotal to superior customer service can be taught. Training staff in this regard is therefore the way to go.

Customer feedback Avenues

We hear of most organizations speak about open door policies to enable employees (who are also customers but internal) voice out their concerns and views on issues pertaining to the organization. Indeed this promotes a very healthy working environment, motivates employees and increases security. These being the case, imagine what it would do for customers!

When the customer is given a voice in the form of a feedback tool to communicate new ideas, areas of improvement, additions that will be welcomed, changes that ought to be made amongst a host of others, the advantages for the business are enormous but most importantly will be the sense of belonging for customers. We all want that sense of belonging. We all want to be a part of something and if customers begin to realize that they have a voice through feedback tools, that make them feel a part of the business. Once their views are considered important, where will they leave to? The answer is nowhere. They are here to stay for good!

Good Data Insights

We live in a world now where data is everything. Data handled in the right way can give insights that are far more valuable than can be conceived. Even better is when the source of data is feedback given directly by customers of the business. Stemming from the point above, what this means is that if feedback collected from customers through the avenues made available is organized and interpreted properly and acted upon it is a sure way of retaining customers.

How is that possible? One may ask. It is as simple as can be. By customers providing feedback, they are telling the business what it should do if the business wants to keep them. These data when gathered and put to good use is a sure way of businesses responding to customers’ call to be retained.

With these unique features, customer retention is surely going to be increased for businesses when practiced and practiced right!